Well, well, well...

We wondered how long you were going to take finding this place, I bet you're wondering why we're so pleased that you're here right? Well, if the suspense is killing you that much, I should explain! This is the KeepAnOpenMind Arcade, it's not just any arcade though; many people have abandoned their day to day activities just to play our games endlessly; thanks to our archive of games, people get hooked and are never able to leave, some call it a prison, others a paradise.

What are you still doing here!?

Get scrolling down and start playing! ;)

Shooting Games
Not quite Call of Duty, but they'll do for some freebies...

Puzzle Games
Maybe you shouldn't try these, they look a little too hard for you ;)

Sport Games
I prefer to go outside to play these, but beggers can't be choosers!

Adventure Games
Venture on a quest, or try becoming the next game master...

Racing Games
There's no excuse for coming last...