MSN Display Pictures

Ever wanted an MSN Display Picture but fail to know where exactly you can go to get some FREE display pictures? Well you've stumbled onto the correct website, because we have plenty here available for you! We are trying to create more and more each week, so if it looks a bit dull and boring, don't worry- we are working on creating more!

So, why exactly wouuld you need these graphics on MSN?
No reason, we're just that nice ;)

We really are just that nice, we are making sure that you get everything you need when starting out on openHabbo, ans what's being a user of openHabbo without at least advertising or showing off to your friends a little bit?

You're in good hands with our graphics team, they work hard to give you all of the display pictures below...
Just right click, save and feel free to use on your Windows Live Messenger all you like!


We're continuously working to add more, so don't worry if you feel as if there isn't enough!