vibeArray Avatars

Here at KeepAnOpenMind, we like to make sure that you have everything you may need and that is why we have created our Goodies section, meaning that we have created a number of things for you, and this very page is where the vibeArray Avatars live, we have created some for you so that you can use them on vibeArray!

We have also taken the liberty of not labelling all of our avatars with the website name, only because not many people like them with advertising on them, we don't mind if you don't like it- we've made them for your leisure, not for a business product placement scheme!

The Avatars
For your viewing pleasure...

Well, here they are, the list is expected to grow more and more over the amount of time we are open!

Wondering how to save the images?
Just simply, right click and hit, "Save File...", the wording may be different depending on your browser, but anything to do with saving the image is correct!


We will be sure to add more in the near future!