Mood Lights

There are a lot of reasons for mood lights ot be used within openHabbo and here at KeepAnOpenMind, we like to make sure that you know everything you need to know on every subject within openHabbo! If you were around when Mood Lights were first added, you'll know the trick that was found so that you can make your room completely invisble! Now, we're going to show you what exactly mood lights are capable of!

Mood lights are what create the actual mood to your room, so let's begin...

So, what is a "Moodlight"?
Well, here we go again...

To buy a moodlight from the catalogue, all you need to do is look under the "Moodlights" section of the catalogue, and there is not just one type, but five! That's right, five different kinds, meaning you can use it to fit your room all you want, that is if you even want one! Here are the five different kinds of Moodlight...

Seeing as there are five different types of mood light, we are going to explain all five in order of the table...

The Small Mood Switch
Small is better apparently... ;)

The small mood switch is a small little light switch like you would have in your room, it's a very simple options to set it, you literally buy it, place it in your room, turn it on and go! If you're wondering what kind of settings are the best then you can click here to see some options that can look really cool in your room!

The Small Mood Controller
Small again!? ;o

The Small Controller is not much different than the small switch, of course each design has been made to fit in with all different kinds of rooms! Therefore, the control panel is the same as the small switch! There are plenty of settings you can set this too to make sure that your room looks really cool, click here for some cool settings!

The Large Mood Switch
Okay, now they're getting bigger...

Here is another type of Mood Switch but with a different look, this time there is a design that is a step up from the small switches and controllers, which is this Large Mood Switch, you can use this for even more cooler styles to your room!
Once again, click here for some cool custom settings for your mood switches!

The Large Mood Controller
Let's kick it up a notch on the size scale!

Here's an even bigger model for a mood light, as you can see they all have the same control panel, this will help a lot later when settings your colour changes, as you can see; this one is pretty large as opposed to the last 3 we've shown you! This is the biggest new design there is within openHabbo for a mood switch!
Don't forget to check the settings at the bottom of the page by clicking here!

The Room Dimmer!
Retro style! *pun not intended ;)

This is the room dimmer! The very first mood switch to ever hit the openHabbo Hotel! It was a huge hit when it was released and really made room come to life, not to mention the special invisible setting! The Room Dimmer was very popular when it first arrived into the hotel and begins to grow in popularity the more it has been available, want to know some cool settings for your Room Dimmer? Then look below!

A collection of moodlight tutorials found for you...