There are all kinds of pets all over openHabbo, and there are plenty of reasons as to why you need to know about them!

We have created a page devoted to all of the pets at openHabbo and how you can buy a pet, create one and make sure you look after it while you play openHabbo! Remember that pets also reply on your to train them and to make sure they level up in order to be the most obedient and best pet they can!

Please remember, that we do not add horses or turtles to the openHabbo pet list, because they are currently not shown within the openHabbo catalogue! Once/if they are released, we will add them to the table below!

Below is a table of all of the Pets currently on openHabbo

Pet Name: Dog
Pet Description: The name is fairly obvious, it's a dog!
Pet Diet: Mainly dog biscuits, if they are hungry enough, they will eat anything!
Pet Name: Cat
Pet Description: The name is fairly obvious, it's a cat, duh!
Pet Diet: For a cat, the best you can offer is fish! They go mad for them!
Pet Name: Terrier
Pet Description: A different bread of dog than the default!
Pet Diet: Same as a dog, dog biscuits will do but they will end up eating anything if left long enough!
Pet Name: Bear
Pet Description: An animal seen in the wild, usually in forests.
Pet Diet: Depends on fish, more or less the only thing it will want to eat!
Pet Name: Chick
Pet Description: Just like a chicken, but smaller...
Pet Diet: Chicks love corn, so of course the evidently best food would be... corn!
Pet Name: Crocodile
Pet Description: Don't get too close, they bite!
Pet Diet: Crocodiles adore fish, can't get enough of them!
Pet Name: Dragon
Pet Description: Fire beath is all so dangerous.
Pet Diet: Dragons enjoy eating anything, especially chicken...
Pet Name: Frog
Pet Description: Thank the Lord you're not a fly... ;)
Pet Diet: Frogs eat flies and grasshoppers, use your imagine to find out what Frogs would like on openHabbo!
Pet Name: Lion
Pet Description: Good job they don't eat Habbos! Phew...
Pet Diet: Lions adore chicken, just lay some out and wait for it to be eaten!
Pet Name: Pig
Pet Description: Oink oink!
Pet Diet: They come with biscuits like most pets, and they eat them like crazy! the biscuits not the pets...
Pet Name: Rhino
Pet Description: A rhinosaourus of course, in miniature!
Pet Diet: Rhinos love pet food, like any other petd of course, but they adore chickens!
Pet Name: Spider
Pet Description: The most feared thing in the United Kingdom, no joke, 8 legs; what else could it be?
Pet Diet: Dog biscuits are usually the best, but as you know they prefer flies!

So, you know your choices of pets, but how exactly do you buy one, well we will show you...

Step One
The catalogue beginning, the easy part...

This part of the guide is simple, just simply browse over to that lovely little catalogue under the symbol labelled 'shop' - from there just scroll down to the 'Pet Shop' section, this is where you are going to create and purchase your pet!

Step Two
Now, choose your pet!

Now, all you have to do is select the type of pet you want, which animal and breed you would especially like! There are plenty to choose from, along with more being added in the future for sure!

Step Three
Next, choose your breed!

Next, we are going to give choose your pets breed, one of the best parts so far; this can depend on what colours or shades you want your pet; you're welcome to choose :)

Step Four
Next, give your pet a name!

Fourthly, we are going to give your pet a name! Just type in the box the name of your pet...

Step Five
Time to buy your pet...

...finally, we will now buy your new pet, along with some food that comes free too!

Step Six
Now to place your pet in your room!

Pop down your pet in your room and we're done!

Oh, and just to finish off...

Your pet can be scratched by other members, the more time it's scratched, the higher the level of your pet!