Safety Tips

openHabbo has a lot of thigs to do around the hotel and the main thing you want to make sure you do, is keep safe!

We want to make sure you are safe when you ar eborwing around the hotel, so we have put together a few little pointers for you to follow to ensure that you're successfully safe within the hotel!

What are you waiting for!? Get reading!

Here are a number of tips from our staff!
Read carefully, they are wise...

1. Protect your personal information, make sure you have nothing in your name giving away your real name or any other information about you! E-mails, House Addresses, Phone Numbers, Mobile Numbers, Real Names, everything must be kept seperate from the openHabbo Hotel, there have been occassions for TomAldy where he has had his identification stolen, not just on openHabbo but on everything; even his e-mail has been stolen! But we know you're not as dopey as him... Right?
2. Keep your pals in pixels. Never meet up with people you only know from the Internet. If someone asks you to meet them, say "No thanks!" and tell a parent, legal guardian, or other trusted adult.
3. Don't be scared to speak up. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or scaring you with threats in openHabbo, report them to a openHabbo Hotel/vibeArray Moderator by clicking the "?" icon (openHabbo Help Tool) on the Client.
4. Ban the cam. You have no control over your photos and webcam images, and guess what? Once you release or publish those photos and webcam images on any server of the Internet, you lose complete control of what can be done with them. They can be altered (typically using a professional photo editor like PhotoShop), used against you, used to bully you - ANYTHING - and not much (if anything at all) will there be for you to do about it. If you're not sure if you should post a particular picture or image of yourself online, think to yourself "Would mom kill me, and possibly ground me, if she saw this?"
5. Be a smart surfer. Websites which offer you free furni, credits or pretend to be new openHabbo hotels or staff homepages are all scams designed to steal your password. Don't give them your details and never download files from them; they could be keyloggers or viruses!