Wired Furni

Wired Furni is a very simple thing to achieve...
Now.. where do I begin?

Wired Furni has been a great addition to the openHabbo Hotel, without it there would be a very difficult way of directing people where you want to go in rooms, the most popular rooms that Wired Furni is used for has to be Mazes, they use Wired Furni to move around furni and ask questions to the contestant trying to complete the maze.

Wired Furni has given plenty of people the option to make special effects within their room! You are allowed ot use it for hundreds of reasons, the possiblities are endless, but the best effect of them all is the ability to make any openHabbo User enter a room at a specific part of the room, this helps people a lot with there rooms because they are able to create a real wallpaper, allowing the peoplew who enter the room not to get stuck in the corridor that leads onto the room!

Enough of the bragging, let's begin!

Now of course you know all of the pieces of wired trigger furni available.. No? Well, here they are...

Triggers are used to decide when exactly the wired furni will activate, as you can see they are all different, if you hover over each one, there will be a box that explains what exactly each one does!

Oh and who can forget the Effects part of the furni!? Here they are...

Effects are added to triggers so you can decide what happens when a trigger is activated! There are a number of six Effects you can choose from!

Let's be a little fussy with our Wired Furni!

Conditions can be used to help you run games and especially make your Wired Furniture more accurate in the Effects that occur!

These are the add-ons you can use with your Wired Furni...

All of the add-ons are usually just for decoration, the main ones to use are switches, but due to the Effects triggering everything, it is rare that anyone really uses switches!

Want to know some cool ways of using Wired Furni?
Just follow the link below to see a vibeArray Forum Tutorial about it, curtosy of Jai