Upload a File!

We know how you guys over at vibeArray like to take pictures of your screens, habbos and work you've created, so we've created a tool especially for you to host your images, and or different files, with a few exceptions! We promise that your files are safe and they will not be used for anything else other than your own use!

We DO feel as if there are a few files we will not allow, such as executable programs (.exe) and other things such as .html, .php and all those files that you people think you can use our website for ;)

We are very strict on what the files uploaded are used for, and if any file types we have found that are not allowed within our folders will be deleted, and the uploader of the files will be banned from the website until further notice, this is a warning. We have created this feature for your pleasure, and we hope it used specifically for people to enjoy, not to take advantage of!

Here is a list of the CURRENT file types we allow to be uploaded...

• .JPG
• .GIF
• .PNG
• .BMP

Upload your files using the form below...
File Size Limit of 2.5 MB for now!